I always loved you best at a distance
voice a faint radio signal
an image lost in television snow

The idea of you
perfect and acquiescing
sculpted, blonde and grinning

Then you momentarily resurface
tangible, flabby and older
one wrong word and then another

Now you live in another time zone
always behind me
stay in the west

- Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley: Modern Confessional: Kate Bush Appears on Night Flight, 1981

An old poem to mark the occasion of Kate Bush announcing her first live shows in 35 years. And, yes, I got my ticket this morning! A 30-plus year dream realized.

London 1912


Fantastic photos of bygone London by CA Matthews in The Guardian from the exhibition at Eleven Spitalfields gallery.

Daily Grace is Dead - Long Live Grace


So for reasons that Grace is too classy to complain about, she’s no longer going to be uploading to the Daily Grace YouTube channel. A channel that, it turns out, she never owned and, in fact, all of the content that she produced there over the last three years is also not…

Because she’s hilarious. And she loves London.